Anonymous asked:

how did you get such a good blog and gain so many followers and stuff. and please be serious and dont give me a funny answer because everyone always says something stupid like "sexual favors" i really just want a better blog.

refreshes answered:

i had a really funny reply for this but you genuinely want help so i guess ill help you out. when i first made my blog I used brickflowit allows you to login with your tumblr account with a simple click.  Once you do, Brickflow scans your tumblr and then personalizes posts for you, which you can reblog or queue. It helped me make my blog look better and I gained a bit while using it. I hope this helps and you guys spread the word for other people i guess..



people keep messaging me about how good this works for them so im gonna reblog it again so everyone can get an opportunity to try it :)

i signed up yesterday and i didnt gain anything at first but then this morning i woke up to this


omg thanks i can finally reach my birthday goal